Back-to-back Stem and leaf

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Select 2 (two) columns to produce their back-to-back stem and leaf plot. Click Submit to retrieve the back-to-back stem and leaf from the server.


Produces a basic back-to-back stem-and-leaf plot.

Back-to-back Stem and Leaf Plots

The distribution(spread) of two samples may not be totally aparent from just numerical summaries. A Back-to-back stem and leaf plots is a visual summary to compare the spread of two samples.

The back-to-back stem and leaf plot requires only a pencil and paper and a basic understanding arithmetic.

The idea of a back-to-back stem and leaf plot is to group the sample into equal intervals and then show which group an observation belongs to. A stem and leaf plot is "back-to-back" when its leaves grow out sideways, rather than vertically in a typical stem and leaf plot.

We group the observation by ripping the number apart. For example, lets use the uniform dataset found on Picostat. There are many two digit numbers. The tens digit becomes the stem and the ones digit becomes the lead.

We arrange the stems in the center (the digits 0 through 9) and leaves branching out from these stems using the ones digit.

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