How to Compute the Median

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Median Value


Compute the sample median.


median(x, na.rm = FALSE, ...)



an object for which a method has been defined, or a numeric vector containing the values whose median is to be computed.


a logical value indicating whether NA values should be stripped before the computation proceeds.


potentially further arguments for methods; not used in the default method.


The default method returns a length-one object of the same type as x, except when x is logical or integer of even length, when the result will be double.

If there are no values or if na.rm = FALSE and there are NA values the result is NA of the same type as x (or more generally the result of x[FALSE][NA]).


Becker, R. A., Chambers, J. M. and Wilks, A. R. (1988) The New S Language. Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole.

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