Tutorial: Which Animal Has the Highest Brain To Body Weight Ratio?

Using the animals R dataset, we can find out which animal has the highest brain to body weight ratio.

Login and then proceed to the animals dataset using the link above. If you haven't registered please do so before trying to login. Registration is free and grants you additional privileges.

Next, on the animals dataset listed above, click the Analysis dropdown menu and select Ratio as seen in the image.

Picostat Ratio Operation

We now need to compute the ratios between the two column, body and brain. Click brain first followed by body so the columns are highlighted as they appear in the image. The lighter column is the dividend.

Picostat Columns Brain and Body Weight

Next we choose the options we want to go with this analysis operation. Selecting the PDF option will generate a downloadable PDF version of the output. Choosing R File will provide a TXT file which you can copy into R directly to simulate the Picostat operation. Finally, choosing HMTL will provide a link to the HTML version of the output.

 Picostat Operation Options

Finally, click Submit. A popup will appear that shows you the brain to body ratios of the mammals. You can see the output generated. Higher values indicate bigger brains. We can see Rhesus monkeys have the highest brain to body ratio. Conversely, the extinct brachiosaurus has the lowest brain to body weight ratio.

Picostat Ratio output

The fun's not over yet! Now take the quiz to see how much you learned. You'll find out the results right away and the score will appear on your profile if you are logged in.